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1 year SCANDALVERSARY!!! Wow today April 5th marks 1 year!! Like I can’t believe it! This cast and crew is the absolute BEST end of discussion no competition what so ever. From the podcast to the live tweets, you guys are so humble and gracious. The fact that y’all take time to connect with us means A LOT. Columbus, you bring so much flavor to Harrison so much charm and class ( and lets not forget those suspenders and colorful ties and socks) Guillermo, you make us want to jump through the screen and hold on to Huck until he’s alright again. I feared Huck at first but now I don’t know what we would do without him. Katie, wow. Wow. Your character Quinn has changed soooo much and the bond that Huckleberryquinn exhibits melts my heart. Bellamy, Bellamy, Bellamy!! I have a love hate relationship with Mellie and it’s because YOU put in so much work and time crafting her into this unbelievable conniving machine. Then you give us a great monologue and we fall back into her charm! Darby, Abby is an onion, we have to peel her one layer at a time. That’s what I love is that she is soooo hard to get through but yet she waltz into OPA and you know she means business!! Josh, David Rosen has been through hell and back and I’m not sure if he’s out of it ! But it’s okay because you give him a touch of yourself.. SARCASM AT ITS FINNEST :) Jeff, dear goodness!! You rock it every week gosh I love the Monster Cyrus is!! Amazing! He is so loyal and would do ANYTHING to take care of Fitz. Tony Mr.President Goldwyn, what is there to say?!!! Gah you bring so much class and swag to fitz it’s unbelievable!! Simply a pleasure to have you gracing my screen every Thursday and you direct and act?! Can you say BAD ASS!!! Last but not least Kerry. Kerry, you are an icon. You put all of your work into everything you do it and it shows every week. The fact that Olivia is a HUMAN with major flaws and the fact that she is not PERFECT sends glory to my heart! Some shows focus too much on good and bad but ALL of you have some kind of flaw and that connects with us common folks! The pain she feels, the hard decisions she faces, the struggle of going with her gut, heart or logic is truly fascinating. To everyone in the cast & crew thank you. From the bottom of my heart you guys have my attention and ruin me every Scandal Thursday at a time. As an inspiring actress and doing musicals and plays, this cast has something very important. ENSEMBLE. Working together and giving us all y’all got. Like my director says. “There is magic in the theatre, the theatre is magic, and truly blessed are those who share their talent with others.” Xoxo Gladiator Zee

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posted on April 5, 2013

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